Thursday, January 03, 2008

Keel Hauling

This morning we hauled away a few more boards of fir from our local hardware store along with some hardware, a couple of clamps, some more sandpaper and masking tape. We rediscovered our rudder and cheek pieces under a pile of clamps and I cut out the rudder shape from the laminated strips and drilled the pivot hole in the rudder and cheek pieces. Once the holes are filled with thick epoxy, the rudder will be ready to be planed down to 3/4" thick and then shaped. I also riped some more strips to make the center thwart. We ripped down a 16' 2x6 to make the keel and scribe fitted it to the center of the hull. After dry fitting it to the bottom with a lot of screws, we gooped it up and squished it on.

Tomorrow we will fiberglass the chines and add some filler to the fiberglass joints and smooth them into the surrounding hull to fair them and prep them for the fiberglass cloth that is on its way and should be in the mail any day now. We already have the primer and paint ready to go so we hope to be painting within the next 3 days.

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Gumby said...

Nice! But is it going to float?