Monday, January 14, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

On Thursday last week I went over to the design school woodshop and planed down the rudder and center thwart. This weekend, Dad and I got all the priming done and started working on the masts and the rudder cheek pieces. The masts need to be painted before the tracks can be installed to prevent the corrosive reaction between the stainless steel track and the aluminum masts. The rudder pieces will be glued together and then painted.
And today, after almost one and a half years in silent protest of haircuts, I shaved all my hair off. It was just baaaaarely long enough to donate to locks of love. My hair has been the topic of much conversation for the last 6 months but I seem to be the only one who doesn't really care. All the girls say leave it long, and my mom grew to like it right about the time I was ready to cut it. With Ironman training and a new swim conditioning class this semester, short hair is easier and thats why I cut it. Also because a fortune cookie told me that I should. Hair today, gone tomorrow. Go ahead and laugh it up so I can go back to not caring. :)

P.S. No one will be faulted for writing "hahaha" in the comments. I asked for it. But try to think of something more creative pleeease.