Friday, January 04, 2008

You've got Mail

We are getting closer every day. Today we got the fillet laid on either side of the keel to smooth it into the hull and put down the fiberglass strips on the chines and the transom. We also added thickened epoxy to either side of the hull joints with a long scraper to help fair them into the hull before the fiberglass cloth goes on. After the tape and filler cures we will scrape down the high edges of the tape and lay down the fiberglass cloth.

After we taped the chines we started working on the masts. Our masts will be made of three sections of aluminum tube each. The uppermost section is 2" O.D and increases to 2-1/2" in the middle and 3" at the bottom. The sections are joined using fiberglass tape to form bushings at the joints which allow the sections to fit snugly into each other. The next step will be to sand down the bushings to fit the larger sections and then glue the three sections together to form finished masts. Then we will rivet on a sail track that the sail will run on.

We've got mail! 2 more gallons of epoxy from B and B yachts and some more fiberglass tape as well as the roll of fiberglass for the bottom of the hull. We also got the System Three top coat paint and primer in the mail. Now there is NOTHING stopping us from getting the bottom done except daylight and waiting for paint to dry. The paint and primer we are using are really neat. They are made by System Three and both are a two part paint BUT they don't have the harmful chemicals that are found in most commercial boat paints. They do not require positive ventilation to work with and they are both WATER REDUCABLE! Thats right, just clean up your brush with water. Don't be fooled though, everyone who has used it says that they make a very tough and hard coating. Can't wait to try them out.

We also placed the order for the sail track rivets from McMaster Carr as well as a 6' length of stainless steel 1/2" wide half oval that will protect the bow from dents from docks, boats, whatever we may run into. And an 1/8" thick strip of 3/4" wide SS bar stock will run the length of the keel to protect against logs, rocks, oysters, turtles, manatees, sharks, kitchen sinks or whatever else the boat may be dragged over or sailed over or onto in its lifetime.

Here is an awesome website I found with lots of great pictures of people actively protesting video games by messing about in small boats. Open Boat. Just try to stop scrolling through the gallery. I couldn't do it.

One more for good measure...

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