Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bikes bikes everywhere

We lined the bikes up in the apartment (we have a few) today when Adam came over to work on our Ironman training schedule.
We tried to follow closely the suggestions from some books my mom got me for Christmas on Ironman training. Mainly starting with moderate volume and high frequency rides and swims to build our endurance base before the build and running to suit our individual paces. Adam already has a strong running base and did a Half Ironman in late September while I am slowly working back up from some painful patella tendinitis in late November and December with some Chi running techniques and frequent stretching of my hamstrings and exercises that my physical therapist has me doing.

Today was our first day in Swim Conditioning class where we were thoroughly encouraged by Coach Brown our swim coach. He was in shock that we had not been in the pool since last friday (oops) "your training for an Ironman right"? Fair enough but we certainly don't lack motivation and plan to be in the pool a lot from now on. We had to laugh when he told the class that we should be spending at least 30min outside of class swimming per week (And yes thats because we plan to spend a lot more time than that). Today we swam about 1600yards (1000 after class, class is only about 45min.)


Chris P. said...

Good grief, how many bikes per person is that?!

(To be fair, I have 3... so I guess I shouldn't say anything...)

Gumby said...

looks like adam's got a painful ironman with no bike seat