Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dawn Patrol AND SandyBottom Update 2!

This just in Dawn Patrol is near the head of the far as I can tell. SOS just rang with some pleasing news. They stayed outside until Gasparilla Pass where the wind was blowing them along at 11 knots! What a ride that must be! This evening the winds have picked back up to a steady 10 gusting to 15 kts., and it looks to remain that way for the next 24 hrs. if not more.

Checking the logbook viewer on the WaterTribe website, it looks like Roo & Tinker opted for the outside route instead of going for the calmer waters of Pine Island Sound. Dawn Patrol is going to stay in side in the calm waters. I expect the wisdom of DWSB tells him that he should get some sleep now while SOS sails on through the night, then I expect them to trade places. One thing is for sure, they aren't holding back. They stopped off at CP1 for just enough time to sign the log and get out of dodge (sounds like some EC07 experience to me). Now comes the long leg to CP2. There's nothing to hide behind once they hit Sanibel Island ans the winds are looking strong for Sunday and Sunday night. Lets all see how it goes!

Well as luck would have it SandyBottom called while I was writing this up and she just hit CP1. Way to go super team Stewart! She says that she's going to get out of dodge too and find a nice place to camp a couple miles down the coast. She spent most of the day alone 'motor' sailing, but that things were going well. Some of you may say "'motor' sailing!?, I though motors weren't allowed!" Well never fear motor sailing here simply means SandyBottom was maximizing her speed by paddling with her Balogh rig deployed.

Fair winds and calm seas to all WaterTribers! See you on the flip side.

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