Sunday, March 02, 2008

Latest on SandyBottom

SB called in at 18:25 EST to say that RiverJohn showed up and offered a big hug for her worries. Shortly after that Boo & dabiscuit, and ManitouCruiser showed up offering even more support. Needless to say her worries have been calmed. The whole gang has probably eaten by now and is going to rest up for several hours. The hope is that the weather will be calmer in the wee hours of tomorrow where they will shove off for CP2. Lets hope it works out for them.

Original post...

She just called in after a day of battling the winds on the east side of Pine Island. She was hoping to avoid the wind some by staying more protected, but it didn't seem to help. When she called in she was on Picnic Island taking a breather and trying to figure out how to get back near the Fort Myers coast to seek more shelter.

She would sail, but she revealed that she had a little incident when coming in Venice Inlet yesterday. She said she wasn't looking where she was going and her aka (crossbeam) collided with a pole. She didn't think much of it at the time, but after the winds picked up today she has started thinking about it more. The winds sound brutal even through the phone, so good luck to her.

She called again a few minutes later to see where Boo, dabiscuit, and ManitouCruiser were, but there hasn't been any word on them since this morning.

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