Saturday, March 08, 2008


SandyBottom called in just a few minutes ago to happily say that she was in Key Largo and happy to be done. She slept just out from Flamingo (CP3) on Joe Kemp Key, while the rest of the Kruger crew paddled on further. They ended up sleeping in their wonderful Kruger sea canoes. SB caught up to them in the morning for the last push to the finish.

Congrats to everyone in this years Everglades Challenge!


Joe and Sally said...

Congratulations. Well done. Another hard won EC finish for Sandybottom.

SOS and DWSB What a story! Boat still being finished the day before the race. Maiden voyage the Everglades Challenge 300 nautical miles. Impressive.

All three can take a bow and enjoy the well deserved applause.

Michael said...

Take a bow, indeed! Great race, lots of excitement and a good job done by 'Michael', keeping those of us at home up-to-date and informed! Great work everyone!!

NCclimber said...

Way to go TEAM STEWART!! Congratulations on a job well done and a safe voyage. I'm looking forward to all the pictures, videos, and stories from the trip. But first, get some deserve it!

PS. Don't forget that the hallowed Kruger can now return to its proper spot INSIDE the garage:o) That should ease some of the sore fingers and numb toes in itself!

DancesWithSandyBottom said...

Mike, It can't be said too many times...
Thanks a million for all your help as the home-base member of our teams. I greatly appreciate the outstanding contributions you made during the EC'08: These reports you posted are wonderful! And, you were always there for us when we called in our status any time of day or night. You know we couldn't have done it without you!