Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dawn Patrol Update 1

SOS called from the Gulf of Mexico a while back to say that things were going well and that the winds were dead. The weather bouys say that winds are at or below 5 kts. so it's slow going for the sailors right now. DWSB was rowing away after giving their sculling ore a try. The boat was handling well when they did have winds. I'm sure that things will pick up here in a little bit.

SOS said that SandyBottom had just passed them with her Balogh rig and paddling. She too decided to take the outside route. Other fellow WaterTribers were out there too including GreyBeard & RidgeRunner, Boo & dabiscuit, and ManitouCruiser. GreyBeard & RidgeRunner are sailing in the same CS20 hull design that SOS & DWSB are in, but without a cabin. SOS said they were about 1000 yards back when he called in. It'll be interesting to see how that sub-race goes.

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