Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A quick but exciting post!

First news is that SandyBottom has made it to CP2 and is resting now. She is with RiverJohn now, but they expect to meet up with Manitou, Boo and dabiscuit in the wee hours and then head off from there to make a nonstop trip to Flamingo. Lets see how that plan pans out.

And!!! Team Dawn Patrol is now resting happily in the luxuries of the Sunset Cover Inn on Key Largo. They finished up at 19:40. They are pleased by their crossing of Florida Bay, and even came with in about an hour of catching Jarhead.

Way to go Dawn Patrol!

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fasthazard said...

Congratulations, guys! Have a good rest and vacation for the rest of us who wish we were there!