Monday, March 03, 2008

It's night nights for SandyBottom

I was just surfing the WT forum and saw that the dabiscuit had a entry log up saying that the whole gang was setting up camp for the early night.

I'll fill in more details later when I hear it from SB...

SB called just after 19:00 EST to update me. She was eating some macaroni and tuna that MC cooked up for the whole gang. What a champ! After the grub all of them were going to get some shut eye and then get up at midnight, or 1:00 and continue on to CP2 as much as possible. They are camping on the beach about 4 miles north of Marco Island. She was definitely in good spirits.

In other news Roo & Tinker (currently 2nd place) have been in the same spot in Florida Bay for the last 4 hours or so, and Jarhead & Waterscribe (currently 3rd place) are resting and drying out at CP3. So who know if Dawn Patrol play the cards right they have a chance at winning this thing. If you ask me I say once they hit CP3 they should head south and come up the ICW much like this years winning team of Lumpy and Bumpy did; however, it all depends on the winds so they'll have to make the call when the time comes.

It sounds like right now that the days of Easterly winds have drained Florida bay of most of its water, so the already shallow (and narrow) channels are even lower, which makes so bad sailing conditions.

That's it for now.

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