Monday, January 15, 2007

Ama Rama

The day began early for Matt and I with sanding the fiberglass of the first day's work. For the most part everything worked out fine with the glassing, but there were a few sour spots. Anyway we got the sanding done, and then began the itchness which still persists.

Chris showed up around 11:30, just in time to start helping out with the second half of the first layer. By this time we had everything in a decent order of production. In the middle of our covering job another Chris, from Aerial Robotics, dropped by and gave us a hand with the last two amas; thanks Chris!

We finished the the job and then headed over to the IM fields to play some ULTIMATE! Yay ULTIMATE! And there was much rejoicing. Then everybody went their own way.

About 9:30, I showed up back at the lab (homework gets old) to check on the amas. The last one we did was dry so I started trimming off all of the stray fibers. by the time this wasa done Matt showed up and we sanded the amas down, this time with body protection, for the beginning of the second layer.

As promised from yesterday here are some pictures, these are of the evening events.

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fasthazard said...

My arms look so small when wrapped with saran wrap. But at least it keeps the dust out. Long sleeves next time...