Sunday, January 07, 2007

Safe and Sound

We loaded up the boats on Saturday morning and I drove them to Chapel Hill for a birthday dinner and some needed sleep. Then today I packed everything up and transported the hulls to Raleigh. The boats are safe and sound now and we hope to wrap up the last of the construction soon.

So what is left to do you ask??? Hahahaa. Well not much really...just:

Put another coat of epoxy on the decks, cut out the cockpits, build up the cockpit spray skirt rims, cut out the deck hatches (x4), build up the deck hatch flanges, seal the hatches and install hatch closures, cut out the mast step hole (x2), install the delrin mast step block, cut a hole in the rear deck to install the rudder mounting hardware and rudder linkage exit locations, modify and install rudder for foot pedal control, install rear buoyancy bottles, install foot pedals/pegs, install rudder foot controls, construct and mount seats and backrests, construct sails, mount sailing hardware, install carry loops, fiberglass the Amas with two layers of glass and paint, construct and mount the crossbeam mounting pylons on the decks (x4) construct and fiberglass in the Ama to crossbeam mounting pylons (x8), cut the crossbeams from the hobie masts and make end plugs, install drain plugs and interior screw on hatches, install bungee hold down straps on deck, I forgot to mention painting the hulls after the hatches and cockpits are done but before the hardware gets installed.

Geez I hope that is all. We should be able to go paddling (begin training)before all of that is done but that is what needs to be done before we call them done. We are at another high point with finished hulls but I know the tunnel will soon start to narrow. As long as we keep the end in sight we will make it.

Thanks to everyone who is following our progress. Keep the good vibes coming in our direction.


DonQuixote said...

Hi, Team NCS,

I am now helping Graham Byrnes (Roo) build his 22 footer for the 2007 EC. I wish you and your team good luck in the race.

Tom Lathrop MSEE NCS 1963

Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

Happy Birthday Alan,