Tuesday, January 16, 2007

AMAS ATTACK !!!!!!!!!!!

...in the end Team RAF & friends prevail!

Yes that's right folk we have finished in the fiberglassing of the amas as of 23:45 EST. Things started off relatively quickly due to the previous nights work and fuller night of sleep. By 3:30 Matt, Chris, and I had finished the first half of the second layer for each ama and were off to the grocery store. Chris and I, but especially Chris, were enlightened by a new recipe which was a blend of the finest cottage cheese and the most exquisite apple butter; we have to thank Chris' girlfriend, Cynthia, for this lovely concoction.

After the late lunch we split up until 6ish when Alan returned from his sailing races in Florida and the rest of us were ready to finally finish the whirlwind of a weekend. Matt and I left to cook dinner for the four of us while Chris and Alan were left to sand away in preparation for the final covering. We returned with the ziti and meat sauce when JB (from Aerial Robotics) showed up. All of us took the time to enjoy the cooking and then it was game time.

It turns out that we estimated the amount of glass cloth that we needed quite well; a picture at the bottom of the page documents this with about 6" of cloth left on the roll. We still have plenty of glass tape, and a free sample from Thayercraft left for any remaining reinforcements.

We have to thank 'the other' Chris for helping out again today and also thanks to JB who in combination with Alan help us to set a World Ama Fiberglassing Record.

On to the pictures. The final picture is of Puta, per Matt's request for visual reference.

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