Sunday, January 28, 2007

Make yourself at home

We are all moved into our new storage unit as of today thanks to Ample Storage on Bush Street in North Raleigh. A huge thanks to Loretta and Jeff for making this happen. We really appreciate it. The unit has been donated to the team for the entire month of February.

If ever you find yourself wishing you has that extra space or wish you could keep your car in the garage again, then consider Ample Storage. The best deal for storage space around!
Mike and Chris and I spent the evening today cleaning the floor and doing some organizing. This is where we will finish construction of the boats and store them while training. The space is 25' x 25' with outlets all around and a single door so we don't let all the heat out. Ooooo Ahhhhhh!

The space was previously occupied by a mechanic who left some nice spots of grease on the floor. Scrub scrub scrub. Now that we have a space to work we will finish the cockpits, install the seats, get the rudders knocked out and glue on all the crossbeam supports. After that it will be time for paint and the we hit the water for some paddling.

Thanks again to Brian Weber (daBiscuit) for donating over 400sqft of sailcloth in the form of two C-scow sails for us to use. Visit his website at.... and also at Captain of the "O" dark 30. The sails look awesome! We hope to be using them soon.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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cristobal el manco said...

you forgot to mention he also left us some free toxic waste! half a barrel full, that is!