Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ama Wrap

Today Chris, Matt and I got to work on the fiberglass covering of the amas. It took awhile to get everything in place, but eventually things started to flow.

To begin the day we moved one car load of materials in to the Aerial Robotics lab in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering building. After that we had to find Alan's truck (Puta) to get some more tools; on the way back to campus from Puta we picked up the amas from my place.

Once everything was at the same place, Matt and I began smoothing down all of the (not so) Great Stuff foam filler. Now it was time to start glassing. We had the new epoy from Chuck-the-Duck, but we didn't have the pumps to pump it with, so we had to go get some other pumps; we don't know where the good pumps are, do you?

Being odd shaped objects, the fiberglass to cover the amas needed to be cut down; we were able to do this in short order using a roller cutter from the Aerospace senior design folk. After the glass was cut we covered one half of each ama. Tomorrow we hope to get at it early to get the other half done, and then come back later and put another layer of glass on top of what we did today.

Sorry there aren't any pictures today, we'll try to get some tomorrow.

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fasthazard said...

We need to get at least one picture of Alan's truck on here... Words don't do it justice.