Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Matt, Mike and I spent the turning of the new year spreading epoxy on the inside of the second boat to seal it up from the elements. Happy New Year! Here are some pictures from Sundays work. Chris is due back on tues. and Mike will be leaving on wednesday for Colorado so it will be a 3 man effort still for a while. Much thanks to Mike's dad who not only brings us food in the shop during the day but also works on the boats. He has been very helpful in lending a hand and we are very greatfull. Thanks!

Today we glued on the stem and transom caps pieces and sealed the inside of both hulls with epoxy. We also spent a lot of time sanding the outside of the hulls smooth in preperation for fiberglassing.

We also laid fiberglass tape on the inside of the hull at the chines in the two center hull compartments where the occupants will sit in order to add some strength to the bottom panel. Here you can see the outline of the fiberglass. Epoxy fillets kept the fiberglass tape from having to mold aroung sharp corners.

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FYI, an article on the Core Sound 17 in last years EC