Thursday, January 25, 2007

Space...the final frontier

Tomorrow, we will head up to the Ample storage in north Raleigh to pick out our shiny new storage lot (SWEEEET) that is being donated to the team for us to use during the month of February. Finally we have a place to call home again. Add some space heaters, knock out a wall or two and add in a kitchen and bath and it will be just like Charlotte.

In other news, the sails are in, the rudders are on their way thanks to Vlad (AKA Crazy Russian), and the Duckworks order my dad made a few days back just arrived in the mail back in Chapel Thrill so the seats are well on their way. Look for some real work in the next few days as we wrap up the boats and gear up for a day on the lake.

Have you heard of the Krispy Kreme Challenge??? well its an annual race in Raleigh right on campus to support the children's hospital. This is "officially" the 2nd annual KKC. Last year there were 140 registrants. This year there are OVER 1000!. Including Mike and myself. This amazing race requires challengers to run two miles from the NCSU Belltower (on campus) to the Krispy Kreme factroy downtown upon which you will consume one dozen fresh hot doughnuts as fast as possible before running the two miles back. Oh yeah, the time limit is 1 hour. Look for updates on how we did later this weekend. Wish us luck. After the guessed it, back to boat building and a flight test on Sunday.

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