Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back to School

We haven't made much progress this past week; the beginning of the semester is always a little crazy. We are working on finding a sheltered place close to campus to store our boats, especially for doing the fiberglass work on the amas. Alan is heading south to Multihull Nationals ("Tradewinds") in Florida, with Trey and his Nacra 20 beach cat.

Mike, Chris, and I will have our hands full with boat work this weekend. Depending on location, we'll try to get the amas fiberglassed and paint the main hulls. What colors, you ask? That's a secret until the paint is dry!

Also we have to give another HUGE THANKS to Chuck (the Duck) Leinweber of Duckworks Boat Builder's Supply. He sent us another round of epoxy to finish off construction. Thanks Chuck!!!

More updates soon, hopefully.



shazard said...

Hi guys, thanks for the update today. I've been missing my daily RAF read. The warehouse looks empty without you and the boats. All of us at Whitlock enjoyed watching the boats take shape. Your ingenuity, skill, enthusiasm and focus are amazing! Where are you storing the boats? How far from campus are they?

fasthazard said...

Thanks, Mom! Right now the main hulls are being stored at Trey's boat lot, about 5 minutes from Lake Wheeler and 15 from campus. We've been keeping the outriggers in Mike's room at Wolf Village until we finish waterproofing them.

fasthazard said...

Chuck, thanks again for your support. Your generosity (especially to relative strangers) has been unparalleled. We can't thank you enough.