Saturday, January 06, 2007

Moving Day

Today was spent packing up all of our tools, and making preparations to transport the completed hulls to Raleigh (school) where we will be doing all of the smaller projects like crossbeam mounting, fiber glassing the foam amas, cutting out cockpits, and finally painting the hulls. We want to get on the water as soon as possible so hopefully we will knock that stuff out quickly.

The team owes a HUGE thank you to Hubert Whitlock Builders in Charlotte, NC without whom we surely would never have gotten to where we are so far in such a short time. Tomorrow, we will say goodbye to the workshop. It has been a very agreeable place to work to say the least! Who else can walk from their kitchen eating lunch into their gigantic warehouse, pick up a sanding block and build a boat? Truly IDEAL. Over these last few weeks, we have been met with much praise and everyone has been very encouraging. Thanks mostly to Matt and Chris's Mom who agreed to let us work here.

More to mention: Last week Matt and Chris were visited by their brother in law Jack who is also a watertribe acquaintence by coincidence. He is an avid sailor and had some great ideas about the design and even took off his coat to help us work on the boats for a day. His two daughters also seemed exited by the project and made for some very cute photo opportunities. Thanks a lot Jack and we hope to see you on the race course soon. Maybe next year.

Also, a great big thanks to Mike's Dad and Mom, from Matt, Chris and I for bringing us countless meals at the warehouse and helping us out in the shop with some of the more challenging parts of the construction. Thanks Mike's Dad for the delicious meals!!!!

Thanks also to Mike and Matt and Chris's family for taking me in these last few weeks in Charlotte and treating me as your own. Keep watching for more exiting updates that we hope will come soon.


sabrinamanganella said...

Wow - the boats look great. The ama you posted looks great too. I can't wait to see how you set up the outriggers. So far so good.

sabrinamanganella said...

That last post was by me (Jack), not Sabrina.

sabrinamanganella said...

Have you guys decided on a sail rig yet? Let me know what you decide. I ran into the UNC crew team here in Savannah today. They come to Savannah for a week every winter to train. Those rowing hulls are huge. The eights are 60 feet long and as narrow as a narrow kayak.

Michael said...

I have to extend the thanks to Alan's parents for letting Matt, Chris, and I borrow him for the past few weeks.