Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Some updates:

We are using today to gather all of the gear that we have left to gather and to pack up the trailer and go over the checklist for good in hopes that we won't have to spend ALL of Friday out at the stores in Fl. We plan to leave Raleigh at 8am on Thurs. morning.

We will be making 2 stops along the way to help deliver a couple of aluminum catamaran trailer boxes to some sailing buddies that ordered them from our friend Trey. They have also been following the adventure and cheering us on from the beginning.

In other news, Matt, Mike and I who all had Aerodynamics II lab reports due this Friday were dreading having to turn the reports in early. With less than 24 hours until go time, there was no way we could do a good job on our reports. I made a call to our instructor and after describing our predicament he graciously granted us an extension on the reports until after spring break. WAAHOOO!! With that huge load off our shoulders we are free to do laundry, and start shopping and collecting gear that we still need.

We also were graciously granted an extension on our storage unit usage until after the race which is good because we won't have to worry about leaving stuff behind in the unit when we leave.

Finally, everyone think good thoughts for Chris who is occupied today until about 5pm with his critical design review for architecture. Good luck Chris.


Wade Tarzia said...

Best of luck to you!

Wade Tarzia said...

Oops! I just noticed this was for 2007 EC! I meant, "good luck at 2011 NCC" :-)