Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wintry Mix in Raleigh

More work done on the hulls. The crossbeam mounting blocks are attached and curing at the shop after a long night of work to get the storage unit up to a better temperature since our space heaters conked out on us when we tripped a breaker but all is well. We ended up partitioning the room in half with tarps and adding more insulation which did the trick. We are up to a toasty 68 degrees on the side where the boats are. The schedule calls for final sealing to be done tomorrow on the hulls in preparation for primer and paint on Friday. Meanwhile, the Amas might be transported back to campus for painting in the spray booth at the NCSU design shop. The goal is to have everything painted by Friday night (wouldn't that be nice). We hope to take the boats out for a float on Sunday on Jordan Lake. Keep fingers crossed.

Great Outdoor Provision Co. will be providing us with base layers and paddles that we will pick up tomorrow depending on the weather. Raleigh is expected to see some ice and or snow tomorrow morning and early afternoon so any accumulation could make for setbacks in the plan but lets hope not. Stay tuned. It might even be more fun than watching paint dry. Well...maybe.

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