Friday, February 09, 2007

Sailing Away

Here is seat number one that my Dad delivered to us yesterday. Its all work for him while we just take a seat (laughing). Thanks Dad!!! Mike, Matt and Chris were all tied up with tests today so last night I did some work solo at the shop. Here is another picture of the seat tube supports. The one in front will work just like a kruger seat with the solid bar. The rear tube however boasts spring loaded tube extensions that will plug into a "holes board" in the rear of the cockpit. The front tube will be supported by a sideways "U" shaped cutout in the board. This allows easy removal and repositioning of the seat in the limited width of the cockpit.

Also, since the cockpits are so tall, there is a lot of room for seat positioning from up like a kayak to down low with just your head and shoulders exposed. The bolt sticking out is connected to the sliding tube and compresses the spring. With the two bolts connected by a piece of line and a fairlead under the seat, you will be able to release the seat with a handle under the front of the seat.

The rudders are installed now with standard hobie hardware and good old 5200 to seal the holes. The threaded rods are our "quick fix" for this weekend so that we can have some way to control the rudders under sail. We are still in the design process for how this should work. Tyring to utilize the existing lower casting but also employ some sort of control horn is challenging. Also the up-down control needs to be worked out. Perhaps a windlass attached to the side of the casting or a torque bar or some kind. For this weekend, we will just make do.

Here is the porthole in bulkhead #5 that will allow access to the rudder control lines when they enter the main hull and also allow for stuffing coke bottles in the far aft compartment.

The leeboards have one coat of color on them now. We wil lash them to the side of the boat for now until we determine proper placement under sail. Speaking of sails, we will be traveling to meet one of Mike's friends Mr. Huberman who is a unique designer of inflatable artwork in Raleigh who has offered his services with a sewing machine to help us modify the C-scow sails. Here is his website with some stuff he has done.

We hope to be on the water with our final sails on Sunday with rudder and leeboards working. Then we just have to finalize everything: Glue in the leeboard bracket, finish the cockpits, install the seats and install lots of hardware, lines. Stay tuned.

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