Friday, February 23, 2007

One step closer

Last night we finished assembling the seats. They're ready to glue in, and we're hoping to do all the final epoxying all at once. We also installed the rudder footpedals and tracks so we'll be able to steer from our cockpits. The rudder control lines (sheathless E12) will run from the footpedals into plastic tubes that run straight through the waterproof compartments into the aft compartment, then through to the outside.

Here Alan and Chris work on threading the lines through the guide tubes. We haven't quite worked out the details of linking the two boats together, but we have some ideas for completing the connection.

Having the seats in gave us a chance to try out seating and sleeping arrangements. Right now the back person can remove their seat and lay down in place, tucking their feet through the center bulkhead under the forward person's seat. The front person can do the same thing, but in reverse. Alan and I tried it out for a photo; Mike tried it a different way (he's actually screwing in a rudder pedal track.)

This evening we'll go back to the storage unit and epoxy in the leeboard brackets and seats. We'll also finish connecting the rudder pedals and control lines. We've just got a little more to do before we're finished, and we'll keep you posted.

Talk to you later,


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