Monday, February 19, 2007

Still working, working working working

Well, once again we decided that getting more details done on the boats made more sense than getting wet. It was verrrry cold today and verrrry windy and gusty especially this afternoon. Here is the rudder system after today we got the up and down haul installed and the auto releasing cleat working. Still have to add the control lines and foot pedals.

The Mast sections came in yesterday and we were able to try them out with a sail up. We found that the luff sleeve is a little tight and makes down haul almost impossible. We think we are going to have to re-sew it onto the luff, stretching it as we go. We also need to strengthen the top of the sail and remove some of the layers of sailcloth at the head to thin the sail a little so that it will furl smoother.

We also got all the hinges installed on the hatches and installed the plastic eyes for the bungee on the decks. With only a week and change before we head down to Florida, there is much to do including installing the seat finger boards, fixing the sails, mounting the leeboards and installing the foot pedals. So much to do and so little time. Sailing this week (fingers crossed). More pics to come.


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

A lot of great memories with that OO-O sail! Hope that it brings you as much luck as it has me!!


fasthazard said...

Me too! Thanks again for being so generous. We really can't thank you enough!


fasthazard said...

And thanks again to CrazyRussian (Vlad) for donating the rudders, without which we would also be (at least metaphorically speaking,) sunk. With our modifications (remote kick up/down, control lines, etc) they're turning out beautifully.

P.S. The double blocks near the top of the transom are totally handmade, using delrin sheaves on a stainless steel axle. They were really fun to make. The blocks on the tops of the rudder casting are Harken ball-bearing blocks stripped down and running on an axle through the casting. All in all, a very solid system.