Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back on Life Support

Hahaha, we did not realize that our blog was keeping so many followers alive. I will try to keep posting daily albeit may be short. Sunday we worked on the rudder casting and figured out how the up and down haul will work. The Seats are almost ready for installation but we are going to install the cockpits first so that we are sure to get the correct spacing right maximum comfort. The rudder control foot pedals are in the mail and will get here later next week so we will rig up an "on deck" rudder control for now which we may keep as a backup system. The cockpits are on their way (shipped today) from Hurricane Kayaks. They charged us for shipping but it will be worth it in the end not having to make the coming ourselves.
Mike and I got the second sail sewn to spec on Mon. and we will be going back for the last round of sewing as we install 2 30inch vertical batten pockets in the leech of each sail to remedy our bad case of floppy leech. This will keep the sail up but still let us roll the sail around the mast. Then yesterday I got the boom to mast couplers installed and epoxy coated. The boom couplers give it that old timey look.
In other news, PVC pipe is not an acceptable material for making masts out of so just hold the "I told you so's" please. We are awaiting the arrival of our shiny new 5 foot sections of 2.5 inch O.D. 1/8 inch wall thickness 6061 aluminum tubes. We got a pretty good deal on them.
Thats all for now really. Mike, Matt and I really need to get our Aero 2 lab reports done so that we can go out and play Thursday night...Friday morning....ouch. (Unlike last week). But lastly we have the weekly Team RAF quiz question....(ready?) Which member of Team RAF ate this extremely mushy banana??? If you think you know, send your answer rolled up inside of a clear 4 cubic foot dry bag and send it our way.

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Michael said...

About that second sail... Brian,are you sure you sent us the right sails? The second one we cut into little peices we a perfectly good sail, probably worth more than I would like to know. Needless to say it was a difficult task. Either way we have some pretty awsome sails, thanks Brian!