Saturday, February 24, 2007


Just 4 more days left before we head for Florida. So exiting. Yesterday the whole team used their combined powers to complete the following items left on the "TO DO" list:
-glue in seat mounting boards
-Attach leeboards
-install rudder control pedals
-finish rudder controls
-Install hatch closures
-Install backrests
After that, there was only one thing left to do. GO SAILING.

We had only a little wind but it was enough to make about 2mph with the sails alone. Batten gremlins seem to have cut our battens to short sometime in the night which is really hurting our sailshape but one more trip to Mr. Hubermans should see the end of that problem.

The rudders worked flawlessly and the 2:1 uphaul makes raising the rudders very smooth. The auto releasing cleat from duckworks worked perfectly on their first actual rudder strike when we tried to paddle over some mud that didn't budge so that was a relief...litterally. The leeboards seem to be placed well but more wind will reveal more about how the helm responds. We did all the calculations but in the end we just had to say..."well, here looks pretty good" and go with that. No problems yet.

We will be sailing again early tomorrow morning on Lake Wheeler (a smaller lake closer to Raleigh) and hopefully get some bigger winds for our sails.

And now some sponsor updates!

Identi-Tape has agreed to sponsor the Team with 40 feet of their USCG approved 3" wide reflective tape for us to plaster our boats with and make them easily visible at night when spotlighted. This will make up us the passive lighting system on the Wa'apas. Loads of quality products from Identi-tape can be found on their website. Thanks Karl for your help over the phone.

Orion safety products is sponsoring the team with a generous budget for purchasing Orion safety equipment locally such as flares, lightsticks, signal mirrors, and air horns. Thanks so much Bob for your help over the phone.

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