Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cockpits and Hatches and Masts Oh My

Mike and Matt and I worked on the cockpits, masts and hatches tonight. We got all of the cockpit rims glued in which was no small feat. We also acquired a sprayskirt to ensure that the mods we made to the cockpit rims would not affect the fit of the skirt. Matt got one hatch hinged with the hinges we got from Duckworks and also added some thickening wraps of fiberglass tape to the bottoms of the masts in preparation for the aluminum mast extension that came in the mail today back in Chapel Hill.

Tomorrow Mike and Matt and I will be on a flight test with the Aerial Robotics Club but will be back at it on Saturday night in preparation for Sunday. We still need to nail down the rudders and seats and do some last minute touches on the leeboards so that we can determine proper placement on Sunday.

Here is the Mast with the wraps of fiberglass tape to bring the diameter up to about 2.25 inches. Cockpit rims all finished. Maybe one more layer of filleting but other than that...done.