Sunday, February 11, 2007

Work before Play

We took today (Sunday) to get more work done on the boats instead of sailing them. We added a mast deck plate doubler to the deck and also started work on the uphaul and downhaul lines for the rudders. More detail on this system later but it looks like it is going to work very well. In other news, we got one sail done the other day and will be going back to finish the second one tomorrow.

The booms are done and the masts are almost there. We still need to finish up the cockpits and mount the seats into the boat.

We have a lot of stuff on the way as far as hardware goes from Duckworks. Eyes, buckles, hinges, you name it. So that will all go on this week hopefully. Rudder controls will also be done soon with hopes of completion of everything by this weekend. Knock on wood. Short post for now, need sleep. We all could use more sleep for that matter but we know it will be worth the hardship in the end.

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