Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day 11, SOS arrived at the Ft. Clinch checkpoint

photo by Jules Williams
SOS arrived at Ft. Clinch beach at 9:07pm March 15  after a long day of paddling.  The wind died midday and currents were often unfavorable.   SOS was very glad to find that Chief was on hand to greet him and he was very glad to finally have hot shower and laundry facilities.  Happy camper!

Ft. Clinch State Park
In the ICW  near Jacksonville approaching Ft. Clinch
Day 11,  75 miles 

SOS paddled most of the day,  sailed early in the day,  often found currents running unfavorably.

Closer to Ft. Clinch, he enjoyed moving at 6 kts thanks to some favorable currents.

It was a long day in the ICW.  Apparently SOS must have passed by some sort of hydroelectric power plant,  as he frequently  mentioned the "dam ditch" in his text messages.

Where is that dam?

Along the way,  Jules Williams waved to SOS and posted photos on the WaterTribe Facebook page...

"SOS paddling against the current in a fairly narrow section of the ICW, Jacksonville FL"  
-- Jules Williams

Thanks for sharing the photos, Jules! 

Paddling upwind near Jacksonville on the ICW    -- photo by Jules Williams


Not much wind.     Photo by Jules Williams

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