Thursday, March 10, 2016

SOS blasting up Biscayne Bay

SOS called at 4:00pm Thursday 10th to report on his fast ride (6-8 kts) north through Biscayne Bay after departing Key Largo.  He said it was a wet ride on a beam reach, sitting in water and bailing every 20 minutes.  He landed on a Pace Picnic Island in North Bay / Biscayne Bay and had his wet clothes hanging on a tree to dry.  Was planning to put on dry clothes before continuing to a campsite.  The low temperature tonight is forecast to be 71 F.   SOS said he had a 2 kt favorable current initially,  but now the tide is flowing at 2 kts against him.  He also said his forward hatch collected 12 'sponge fulls' of water; but he said he was surprised it wasn't more ---considering the fast wet ride up Biscayne Bay.

Rowcat posted this comment:
       "He is around Key Biscayne and the wind is gusting up to 38 with a steady 23 with the wind just aft of his beam.  His speed is showing a pretty nice 8.3 knots, so, you guys know if the tracker is showing 8.3, he is really doing a bunch of 9 or 10 knots.  I bet those big gusts are getting his attention."

Drying out on Pace Picnic Island at 4:00pm

Pace Picnic Island:  a good place to dry your clothes

The run up Biscayne Bay

Leaving Key Largo at 7:00am Thursday 10th

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