Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day10, SandyBottom, MicroTom, from Miami to Boynton Beach

"Morning from Miami. Slept on a spoil Island. It was dirty and there were rats. But we slept great.
Now it's off to somewhere south of Palm beach. Weather looks good. Slight tail wind helps.
 Right shoulder is bothering me a little bit this morning.   Might've pushed it too hard the last few days"

Monday spanned inlets, a lunch stop near Port Everglades inlet,  and some stealth camping near Boynton Beach.

March 14,  Miami to Boynton Beach
From Miami campsite island through the inlet

 Biscayne Bay  outlet for better winds
Port Everglades inlet  and stop for lunch 

11:00pm campsite in park near Boynton Beach
gone by 4:45am Tuesday 15th

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