Saturday, March 12, 2016

Team Kruger: Beav to the rescue

In Key Largo,  "Beav loaned SandyBottom the seat from his Sea Wind to replace her broken seat."
  -- Mark Rowe

Dreamcatcher,  Beav,  SandyBottom
photo by Mark Rowe
Broken seat

Better view of a standard Kruger seat

One of the aluminum tubes on the back part of the seat in SandyBottom's Kruger DreamCatcher broke prior to reaching Key Largo.

SandyBottom said it was tough paddling with the broken seat and that she'd been stuffing gear under the seat to support it.

Once landed in Key Largo,  she was starting to think about immediate options for repair.

And then.....    Beav (Bob Vollhaber)  loaned SandyBottom the seat from his Kruger Seawind!  
Wow,  Beav to the rescue!   SandyBottom greatly appreciates Bob's kind help for finishing the UFC.  

We will be able to repair the broken seat,  but thanks to Beav,  that can wait until after SandyBottom finishes the UFC. 

By the way,  Beav finished the EC in 4 days, 12 hours, 24 minutes.   That's impressive, too.

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