Sunday, March 13, 2016

Daylight saving departure

Thanks to PaddleDancer (Paula Martel) for sharing these photos on the WaterTribe Facebook page.

MicroTom and SandyBottom leaving Key Largo at 7:00am Sunday March 13

MicroTom packing boat
Going north

SandyBottom packing boat
900 miles to go

SandyBottom posted: "
Going to be a great day today, nice winds so a bit of motor sailing. I did fall down a few stairs last evening while finishing some chores, sprained my right ankle. Not broken, just swollen and sore, can work the rudder pegs ok. Going to just do a lot of sitting, so should be good to bike the portage when we get there. Toms taking some great videos and pics, it'll be a nice keepsake."

The following photo was taken by CaptainSandpaper (Bill Sloan)

MicroTom and SandyBottom leaving Key Largo    (photo by Bill Sloan)

Exiting Blackwater Sound,  the following photos were taken by CaptainSandpaper (Bill Sloan)

'Motor - Sailing  '


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