Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SOS finished in 18 days 11 hours 24 minutes

At the finish line.  SOS with SandyBottom and lockbox.   All three were very happy.   Photo by PaddleDancer

SOS crossed the finish line at 6:24pm on Wednesday March 23.    Photo by PaddleDancer

Boat, SOS, awards, and Race Manager PaddleDancer  on the boatramp at the finish line  
Photo by SandyBottom

SOS set a new record in Class3:   18 days  11 hours  24 minutes
SandyBottom,  very proud of  "Son of Sandy"  (SOS)

photo by PaddleDancer

Kyle Giannamore made and shared these images of SOS as he entered the Mullet Key lagoon.  Kyle posted that  "Went out on the fishing boat and saw a unique rig.... Briefly met SOS a mile away from completing the Ultimate Florida"

photo by Kyle Giannamore 

photo by Kyle Giannamore 

photo by Kyle Giannamore 

the finish line

From 7:00am  to  6:24pm    ----a long day in light wind with chop and currents unfavorable


Sundog said...

Congratulations. Incredible to see you looking happy and strong.

Wade Tarzia said...

Excellent job, and congratulations to SandyBottom too for an excellent effort; hope her shoulder is healing.

Jonathan Van Vuren said...

Great job! Inspiring!