Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 14 from paddling to biking: the portage begins

SOS at 10:00am Friday March 18 near St. George, Georgia.   Ready for the 40-mile portage west.

(See that left cart tire?  I predict it's gonna blow out.)

The pedal is the kickPhoto by Chief

Transition at the take-out.  Photo by RidgeRunner.

Photo by Chief

If you had just paddled 50 miles in 27 hours,  you'd look like a happy zombie, too !

Getting out of the river !
Chief and RidgeRunner were there at the checkpoint to greet SOS. Photo by RidgeRunner.

I just paddled 50 miles in 27 hours.   

Biking at 9:49am

Landed at 8:48am

40 mile portage from St. George to Fargo
St. Marys River to St. George

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