Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Three days travel: Day9, Day10, Day11

SOS, now at Ft.Clinch checkpoint,  is almost 4 days ahead,  and is ready to  follow the St Marys River upstream. SandyBottom and MicroTom have reached the Indian River relying on paddling skills and very small sails.   The larger sail on SOS'  expedition sailing canoe may be helpful in the lower parts of the river. 

The SPOT Buddy app shows the tracks for "last 3 days".  
Meanwhile,  LRock and CrazyRussion reached Ft. Clinch aboard their I-20 catamaran and have upgraded to an aluminum canoe for the journey up the St. Marys River,  for the 40 mile portage, and for the 300 miles down the Suwannee River to the Gulf  --where they will downgrade back to the cat.

LRock & CrazyRussian at Ft. Clinch
on the St Marys River

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