Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 12. SOS at Ft.Clinch

Panorama on the beach at Ft. Clinch.    Photos by SOS.
SOS at Ft. Clinch,  with waterproof headlamp,  8:31am Wednesday March 16.

View west across the Cumberland River                                             View NE towards the St Marys River 

"Hoist the main tents'l !  Hahaha"  says SOS
Ama control line broken

"The control line on my AMA finally wore through about a day and a half ago and I never bothered to do anything about it because the AMA was still working just fine so I've been free flying for a day and a half."

"Tide going out now gives me a couple hours break to dry out the tent."     SOS launched from Ft. Clinch toward St Marys, Georgia,  at 9:00am this morning,  March 16.

Here is Chief's 9:46pm photo of SOS on the beach after he arrived at 9:00pm.

photo by Chief

Gear hung up to dry.  photo by SOS
photo by SOS

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