Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SandyBottom off the water, MicroTom continuing

MicroTom.  Onward.

SandyBottom posted,  "MicroTom leaving the docks in Ft Pierce without me. Not sure who was more shocked me or him. My shoulder pain came on hard and fast. I'd been having back spasms for a couple days, and now think that was due to changes in my stroke to protect my left shoulder. This morning though it was clear I was looking at a bad injury if continued. I believe I was having some rotator cuff issues. We stopped in Ft Pierce, lunch in a restaurant and agreed I could be looking at long recovery if I continued, and possibly making a finish impossible. I will be following MicroTom, now one of his biggest fans. Go Tom."


A painful left shoulder took SandyBottom off the water today at Fort Pierce, FL.  The shoulder had been complaining very loudly for a few days.  Her back objected with spasms when she attempted to favor the shoulder today.  She decided it was better to err on the side of avoiding further injury that might possibly put a wet blanket on her bucket list of future sea kayaking and WaterTribe activities.
 Life!  It happens.

SandyBottom made arrangements this evening with a marina and a hotel with PaddleDancer kindly offering transportation back to Ft. DeSoto tomorrow.

MicroTom will be fine,  no doubt,  despite the unfortunate change of plans. SandyBottom's shoulder has been slowing them both down recently.    Check out MicroTom's latest excellent video report...  

Posted by MicroTom 2016 Ultimate Florida Challenge on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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