Wednesday, March 09, 2016

SOS packing up

Along with some R&R in Key Largo,  SOS repaired a cracked cockpit coaming,  and is packing up for a departure Thursday morning,  March 10.  

SOS has 300 miles down,  and 900 more to go in the Ultimate Florida Challenge (UFC)


SOS launching from CP3 on March 8
photo by Michael Collins

CrazyRussion posted this comment on the WaterTribe forum at 10pm March 9:

"Here is quite a party and festivity going on at Key Largo. SOS, one of best organized WaterTribers   I have ever seen, has his beautiful expedition canoe set up for early departure tomorrow. LRock/CrazyRussian being on opposite spectrum of being organized still can't figure their boat out, but also leaving tomorrow. Jarhead looks relaxed and seems to stick around to enjoy festivities. Weather is nasty for anyone pushing [through Florida Bay] to reach Key Largo."

Goodbye Key Largo...

Arrival of Jarhead aboard 'Moonshadow' which is a SeaPearl 21
The finish line for the EC

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