Sunday, March 13, 2016

SOS buys a hat

SOS landed in a cove near the Port St. John boat ramp, shopped at a CVS, and then launched again all in less than 30 minutes.   Shopping list:  Hat, Food, 75' of Line,  Bug repellent,  ... etc

Happy to have a hat.  All the hats on sale had flags on 'em

Landing.  SOS stepped off into a fire-ant nest.  Got 2-3 bites.

CVS (in upper left corner),   Cove landing (right),
4-lane corssing                     boat ramp

Port St. John   near   Cape Canaveral

CVS,  4 lane crossing
Cove landing near boat ramp  

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Jonathan Van Vuren said...

I was looking forward to provide a cheering section as you came past Merritt Island, but our new baby boy came Friday. Will have to wait for the next one to come out and cheer th UF challengers come by