Saturday, March 05, 2016

SOS at checkpoint 1

SOS at CP1  (photo by Brian Weber)

SOS stayed at CP1 for 80 minutes and phoned home. Equipment is working well.  He made some adjustments to the amas.   He plans to depart at about 7:00pm and continue south through Pine Island Sound to a campsite near Sanibel lighthouse.

SOS at CP1 by 5:29pm
(image by SPOT Buddy app)
SOS transiting Stump Pass


SOS entered Cape Haze Marina by 5:22pm

SOS official arrival at 5:29 pm Saturday March 5th    (image by Trail Share app for SPOT)

New wings on the amas.  Photos sent by SOS from CP1 ...


Photo by Brian Weber
"SOS - custom winged amas - you had to be here - dockside construction... epic"   --Brian Weber

SOS backing up to the dock at CP1  (photo by Brian Weber)

"make shift video when my phone died; but needed to capture it..." -- Brian Weber.
Posted by Brian Weber on Sunday, March 6, 2016

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