Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 14 -- packing the boat

In the past 2 days this  guy just paddled 50 miles
and biked 40 miles towing a loaded boat.
How did you feel the last time you did that? 


On arrival at the Suwannee River in Fargo, GA,  Friday evening at 6:07pm,  SOS had dinner and then spent considerable time re-organizing and re-packing the bike in the boat along with other provisions in preparation for an early morning departure on Saturday.  Then early to sleep.

Dinner!   Mmmmm
Resupply.  Repack.  photos by SandyBottom

GoPro video report recording

GoPro video report recording

Suwannee River in the background

GoPro video report recording

Fargo, Georgia

more packing

late evening packing for a morning departure

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