Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Team Kruger: SandyBottom and MicroTom at checkpoint 2

SandyBottom and MicroTom battled winds and tides to reach CP2 at about 3:00pm on Tuesday 8th.

SandyBottom said she stopped at the rangers' station to pick up permits for campsites in the Everglades National Park (ENP) and was looking forward to a hot shower.

What's with the green ..um... boxing mitts?   Ginger (Taylor Stewart) says they are for protection from sunburn!

By 5:00pm these representatives of Team Kruger were back on the water and reached their first campsite in ENP by about 7:00pm Tuesday      --having started this 4th day of the UFC at 3:00am.

Kruger Dreamcatchers are perfectly fine;  the humans have a little wear and tear.

Photo by Shawn Payment

photo by Shawn Payment

Sun-protection hand covers vs  none
photo by Brian Weber
Perfect rolls:  one part noodle,  one part PVC
photo by Brian Weber

Crowded landing zone.   Photo by Shawn Payment

Report from SB via Steve Earley:
"A short day 37 miles, the wind really beat us up. Predictions were for more of the same or worse. So we thought back country route might be fun. We started this 3am. But with no winds a mistake. Instead of advantage it's been a bit tidal and Yakmandu in Hobie AI wanted to hang with us. Slow going. But think we turned a 5 hr paddle into 10 hrs. But it's pretty cool in here."

Photo by Vicky Connell who said
"Here's the after photo. After a shower that is --- she cleans up nice!"

photo from Mark Rowe
photo from Mark Rowe

Team Kruger:  SandyBottom, LeewardLauren, WindwardMark, MicroTom, Beav, RidgeRunner

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