Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day 18 the empire strikes back

SOS was the first challenger in the UFC to reach the Cedar Key checkpoint.  50 minutes later, LRock and CrazyRussian arrived on the I-20 catamaran.    In the open Gulf waters, they will soon be ahead of SOS again.

photo by SandyBottom

SandyBottom posted  "Another touch and go arriving about 50 min after SOS, but with quick run to the grocery so CR can buy a box of vino and cigarettes. CR says LR won't let him sleep."
photo by SandyBottom

photo by SandyBottom

By 2:00am Wednesday morning (Day 19)  CR and LR were closing in on the finish line with an ETA of perhaps 4:00am.

SPOT track as of 2:26 am.

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