Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 14 -- per usual on the portage

Ten miles to Fargo, GA,  SOS said it sounded like gunfire.  It was the left cart wheel.  The tube blew out and there is a big hole in the tire.  SOS patched the tube,  reinflated it, and reinforced the tire.

Plan A --hope it holds up the remaining 10 miles to Fargo.   Plan B -- run on the rim if necessary.   Plan C --substitute the bike's tires onto the cart and walk it.    

SOS has been averaging a fairly steady 5 to 6 mph today,  Friday March 18.

Over the years a substantial number of  Ultimate Florida Challenge tribers have experienced tire problems on the portage.  Just a few hours ago,  LRock and CrazyRussian had to run on a rim for the last mile or so approaching Fargo.  A few years ago in the UFC, Wizard came this way and had to MacGyver a roadside piece of road-kill truck tire onto one of his cart wheels as a substitute for the original tire.

The repair held up.   SOS arrived in Fargo at the put-in on the Suwannee River at 6:07pm Friday.

Some 'duck tape' was involved
hoping for the best
repair with yellow dyneema line

24-hour SPOT track as of  5:42pm Friday

photo by SandyBottom

photo by SandyBottom

On the road

On the road

Coming to end of portage in Fargo, GA
photo by Chief
I just paddled 90 miles and biked 40
photo by Chief

the wheel repair held up       --photo by Chief

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