Friday, March 11, 2016

Things that don't move:

... a huge alligator occupying your campsite,   kayaks on a mudflat.

The Story of Wednesday March 9

The Story:    Per plan  SandyBottom and MicroTom rode the out-going tide down the Broad River toward the Broad River chickee/campsite,  but found it already occupied by a huge aligator that refused to leave no matter what....  sticks and stones,  loud words,  waving their reservation receipt obtained at the ranger station,  etc.      Final score,  Kayakers 0,  Gator 1.

So they rode the tide on out the river intending to reach a campsite on Highland Beach, but along the way low tide bottomed out and fell to -1 foot, and they were stranded on a mud flat from 7:00pm to 10:00pm half a mile offshore. The wind was howling. Three hours later the water returned and they paddled on to Highland Beach.

The next day,  Thursday 10th,  they paddle back up Broad River and headed south toward their next campsite on the Joe River.

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